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Specialty Claim Services
Experts at your service

With average adjuster experience exceeding 20 years, you can be certain that your specialty claims will be handled with unmatched skill and efficiency.

No matter the complexity or type of loss, we have the right adjuster for every claim.

Our expertise include :

Agricultural / Farm

Agricultural claims are often complex and challenging requiring local knowledge and a thorough understanding of the communities in which they occur.

Our adjusters live in the communities where they work.

Our adjusters have unmatched experience and expertise to ensure you get the best outcome for your claims every time.
Boiler & Machinery

Our specialty Boiler & Machinery adjuster team have proven experience in handling simple and complex losses, bringing their many years of experience and expertise to your claims.

Our experience and understanding of the innuendo and challenges associated with resolving the many practical and complicated coverage aspects associated with these losses will ensure that you and your clients always get the best outcome.

In an ever changing environment, having adjusters with an understanding of the new world is essential to ensure that your claims are properly quantified, proven and resolved.

You can rely on the Omnia adjusters to represent your interest properly and with care..
Casualty / Bodily Injury

Having a clear understanding of how to deal with often unexpected exposures from unexpected circumstances ensures that losses are contained to their fair value.

In pursuit of the best outcome for your losses, there is simply no substitute for experience. Our adjusters have the experience you need.
Commercial and General Liability

With an expert in every office, Omnia will be able to assist you with your CGL claims no matter where in Canada they happen. Big or small, we are able to give your CGL claim the attention it deserves.

The skills of our adjusters have been honed over many years leaving you with certainty that the only surprise will be the high quality of the work we do on your behalf.
Directors & Officers

A high level of confidence and care is required when claims involving decision makers are investigated and evaluated. An understanding of the implications of decisions and the ability to adequately evaluate the effects those decisions have is necessary to adequately resolve these claims.

We have the right experts to investigate these losses and ensure the best possible outcome every time.

In a complex regulatory environment it is essential that the adjusters understand and are able to anticipate every possible angle. Failure will result in unnecessary and excessive exposure.

Combining the expertise of our in-house environmental scientist and the significant experience of our adjusters we can ensure that your interests are protected and your exposures are properly managed and minimized.
Error & Omissions

Mistakes happen often with potentially detrimental financial implications. Being able to adequately assess the extent of those mistakes as well as the true liability exposure that may result from them is important.

There is no substitute for experience. Experience that we have.
Intellectual Property

Exposure, risk and actual loss is often unclear when losses associated with Intellectual property occur.

We have proven experience that we bring to every loss we handle for you.
Marine & Logistics

When international borders are crossed the complexity of the risk, exposure and ownership become very intricate.

In a field this specialized having adjusters that really understand the business is not only essential but will guarantee that your files are handled in a way that minimizes losses and accurately resolves responsibility and associated liability.

Omnia is uniquely positioned with experienced adjusters across every jurisdiction in Canada.
Product Recall

When products have the potential to cause harm warranting recall, having adjusters that understand the exposures as well as how to contain them, become critical to managing the recall and limiting the loss.

You should hire only the best adjusters for this task. You should hire an Omnia adjuster.

When professionals fail, having the right adjusters to evaluate and resolve the cause and resulting liability will simplify the process and mitigate the loss as much as possible.

Our adjusters have considerable experience in evaluation and resolution of technically complex losses.

With experts in every Omnia office you can be certain that every loss no matter how large can be handled with a clear purpose focused towards quick resolution.
Security & Protection

The protection industry demands a high level of expertise in what often proves a diverse and complex segment.

Our expertise and experience will ensure the best outcome every time.
Umbrella & Excess

When the stakes are high, expertise required to untangle and evaluate true losses become more important.

Our adjusters can help you get these resolved efficiently and expertly.

Motivated to Serve

Because our offices are independently owned and operated, our adjusters are :
  • Highly motivated to serve you and your clients.
  • Have long standing and proven track records.

    We do it better

    When you do business with Omnia you get :
  • Easy, centralized access to the best adjusters in Canada
  • 24/7 Canada wide service.
  • A single point of customer contact.
  • Centralized file assignment, administration and billing.
  • Superior technology to manage files with an intuitive client portal.
  • Dynamic and customizable customer experience.
  • The best possible outcome on every claim we handle for you.

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